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The last month has been interesting for cord-cutters who want to combine free over-the-air broadcasts with live streaming cable channels.

Instead, you can install it wherever you get the best over-the-air signals, hook up an antenna, then use the Sling TV mobile app to connect the device with your Wi-Fi network. Optionally, you can also plug in an external hard drive and record up to 2TB of local broadcasts at no charge.

The AirTV has two tuners for watching or recording up to two channels at a time, and it supports out-of-home viewing albeit limited to one stream at a time.

In some ways, this integration works rather well. Just be aware that Sling TV will not store over-the-air recordings in the cloud, and AirTV will not record cable channels to your hard drive. In other areas, the integration falls short. If you want to find upcoming broadcast shows to record, your only option is to scroll through the grid guide.

And while Tablo is ostensibly a closed ecosystem, you can at least use programs like Tablo Ripper to take your recordings elsewhere. With a handful of additional software improvements, this could be a killer cord-cutting combo. Jared Newman covers personal technology from his remote Cincinnati outpost. He also publishes two newsletters, Advisorator for tech advice and Cord Cutter Weekly for help with ditching cable or satellite TV. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

Read our affiliate link policy for more details.The cable-replacement company's Android TV box was a competent streaming gadget on its own but became something special when you considered its deft integration of HD antenna channels.

ANTOP AT300SBS 70mile TV Antenna with AirTV Streaming Me...

The device does what it's designed to do very well. I'm just not sure that what it's designed to do is that exciting. Like with the AirTV Player, there's probably a niche group of Sling TV aficionados who will find this useful, but I don't think the device solves all that many problems for the casual TV viewer.

No dice. Because there's no navigable interface, setting up the AirTV is dead simple, although it takes a little time. You plug the device a black box about 6 inches long by 4 inches wide into a power outlet and connect an HD antenna to it. Any HD antenna will do, although the system doesn't come with one, so you'll need to purchase said antenna separately. Once that's done, you pretty much never need to even look at the AirTV again. You'll manage everything through your phone or tablet, although it'd be nice if you could get the same functionality on a computer or game console.

I set up the service on my Android tablet, and I was pleased to discover that AirTV found 50 local channels, just like my antenna does when it's hooked up to my TV. Finding shows to watch is also extremely easy, thanks to the Sling TV app's straightforward interface. The app lists whatever OTA channels you get in order of channel number, complete with a channel's colorful logo and full lineup of programs for the next week or so. It's easy to see what's on the air right now or what will be available later on.

Tap on a show and select Watch, and you're done. You'll need to reset the hardware and go through the setup process again, which could be a tremendous pain if you cancel your Sling TV subscription.

At present, you can watch two simultaneous AirTV streams in your home, or you can watch one stream while away from your home network. In my experience, streams loaded right away and stabilized in HD resolution quickly at home, but they lagged terribly at work.

Your results will depend a lot on your individual network setup, so obviously, having strong, stable connections at your locations will bolster your chances for a quality stream. However, you can't DVR any content for later, even if you pay for that functionality in your regular Sling TV subscription.

Sling plans to add this feature later, but it seems like launching with it would have been useful. From a functionality standpoint, there's not much to say about AirTV, other than that "it works. The AirTV does allow easy streaming to a phone or tablet, which is helpful if you frequently find yourself watching live programs on mobile devices.Skip to main content of 62 results for "sling airtv". Get it as soon as Thu, Apr Only 15 left in stock - order soon.

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Only 20 left in stock - order soon. Only 8 left in stock - order soon. In stock on April 23, Slingbox M2. Go back to filtering menu. Need help? Visit the help section or contact us. Skip to main search results. Amazon Prime.

airtv sling

Eligible for Free Shipping. Customer Review. Electronics Device Model Year. Apps by Fire Tablet Model. Apps by Controller Type.While you can certainly access Sling through other devices, none of them make it quite as easy.

Still, anyone who has second thoughts about committing to Sling should look elsewhere. The AirTV Mini and Sling TV are so inextricable that using the streaming device for any other purpose can be a hassle, and your options for alternative live TV services are more limited than they are on other devices.

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It has a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, which is adequate for scrolling smoothly through menus and launching apps without delay. It also supports Bluetooth for external controllers.

airtv sling

Read our full Sling TV review here. The Sling TV menu also has its own integration with Netflix, so you can scroll through recommendations or jump into the app without visiting the main app launcher first.

The remote control is equally Sling-centric. None of these buttons serve any purpose outside the Sling app. Taken as a whole, the AirTV system is a convenient way to combine Sling TV, other streaming apps, and optional over-the-air channels. And combining Sling with an antenna remains a great way to save money over other live TV streaming packages. Having hardware that revolves around Sling could be a liability if the service loses more channels. The AirTV remote does have a separate microphone button that can tune to live Sling channels or open the TV guide, but this only works while you're inside the Sling TV app.

The built-in Chromecast capabilities, for instance, have a tendency to stop working when the AirTV Mini is asleep, so you must turn on the device with the remote before you can use your phone as the remote instead.

AirTV Mini review: A streaming dongle for Sling TV diehards

Both apps do, at least, work via Chromecast. But one of the great benefits of cord-cutting is the freedom and flexibility to switch between streaming services as needed.

This Sling-centric streaming dongle gets the hardware right. It's the software and Sling TV service that remain iffy. Jared Newman covers personal technology from his remote Cincinnati outpost. He also publishes two newsletters, Advisorator for tech advice and Cord Cutter Weekly for help with ditching cable or satellite TV. Audio Streaming Media. At a Glance. AirTV Mini. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.

Cons Some popular apps, such as Hulu and Amazon Prime, aren't available Chromecast doesn't always work while idle Sling itself has its limitations.Some big limitations on audio and video quality still apply, and the Sling app can still use more ways to integrate over-the-air channels.

Be aware that the AirTV 2 itself is not a streaming video player, and it does not connect directly to your television. Instead, it hooks up to any over-the-air antenna and streams live TV to other devices, including phones, tablets, most streaming players, and some smart TVs. That way you can set up a single antenna wherever you get the best reception and watch on any TV throughout the house. The AirTV tuner has a coaxial input for your antenna, an ethernet port for optional wired network connectivity, and a USB port for recording to an external hard drive.

The AirTV will scan for channels based on your zip code and pull in guide data fromo the internet, at which point you can use the Sling TV app on other devices to watch.

As with the original AirTV, the new version still has two TV tuners, so you can watch or record up to two channels at once. You can also watch local channels outside the house on any device that AirTV supports, but only with one stream at a time. Compared to having your local channels on a separate input or relegated to a separate app, accessing them in a single menu with your streaming cable channels is convenient.

The Sling app also continues to treat the antenna as a second-class citizen in some areas. The viewing experience for DVR is also substandard, with no ad-skipping features and no visual preview when you fast forward or rewind through recordings.

As for video quality, AirTV continues to top out at 30 frames per second for all over-the-air channels, which means live sports, news, and talk shows will look choppier than direct antenna output. The first is cost as a pure over-the-air TV solution. Jared Newman covers personal technology from his remote Cincinnati outpost. He also publishes two newsletters, Advisorator for tech advice and Cord Cutter Weekly for help with ditching cable or satellite TV.

Audio Streaming Media. At a Glance. AirTV 2. How AirTV 2 works Be aware that the AirTV 2 itself is not a streaming video player, and it does not connect directly to your television. Is AirTV 2 for you? Despite those issues, AirTV 2 has a couple of saving graces.

Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

airtv sling

Read our affiliate link policy for more details. Cons Can't search for upcoming over-the-air programs DVR lacks ad-skipping and granular recording options No 60 frames-per-second or surround sound support.From a draft Amazon listing :. With AirTV and an HD antenna, you can stream live local programming, news and your local sports anywhere in your home using the free Sling TV app and its integrated program guide. No paid contracts-just free local TV on any compatible device.

And if you want more channels, you can subscribe to paid Sling TV packages-all from the same app. Where on the page did you see it, as in which unit? AirTV is installed in the basement and is connected to the OTA antenna and presumably the home network. Dave, you are using an ad network that is serving some ads for malware sites.

It was the ad right below the headline. Wes, Greg, Thanks for the feedback. Yes, DVR capabilities would be fabulous. I have a Tivo which I really like and could hook up to an antenna if I wanted to. Not exactly. Aereo hosted the antennas which is a big deal for many people with limited reception and provided cloud DVR service, in addition to live television.

With AirTV, the antenna and box is at your home. I use a 4 tuner tablo over the air dvr that streams the local channels received to my rokus attached to different tvs in the house. However, for just live TV, on multiple clients, this may be a reasonable option. However, from a software perspective, they could certainly do what you suggest.

Why would I want to go back to the way I watched TV over thirty years ago? Is the directed at the current Sling Users?

AirTV DVR doesn't quite pick up Sling TV's slack

Unlike HDHomeRun, which has a superior Apple TV app in Channels, there are clients for a number of software platforms and they also work beyond the home. AirTV is just another option to move OTA around from a single source, assuming you have reception somewhere in your home. I have one and use it with channels on Apple TV in addition to Sling. My question is, has the product been shelved at the zero hour? Thanks Dave! That would be upsetting if they got out of the retail Slingbox market.

Maybe TiVo should partner with or buy them out, they could use some serious help in the streaming department!Apple TV offering. I wonder how much is them not wanting to hurt their standing because of the much larger satellite business and perhaps how much is the app running anywhere. Maybe that keeps the affiliates happy?

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More fun trivia as the companies potentially move forward… Sling Media owns airtv. That was my first thought on the news. Time-Warner will be their only friend.

I have that setup at home and am quite happy with it. The Tablo app, for comparison, presents only OTA content.

AirTV Review: Lets Sling Viewers Take Antenna Channels Anywhere

Having said that, we too are big fans of Tablo and the DVR functionality actually sets it apart from this new solution — as far as we know, anyway. Without DVR features this is a non stater for me. Can anyone explain why this makes any sense? You can buy an antenna that connects directly to your TV and gets all the over the air channels without having to subscribe to Sling.

Why would anyone buy this gadget?

airtv sling

Ron, if you wanted a single interface for all your TV, OTA and pay, and appreciate a rich guide, it might offer have some value. Also, there are folks who watch television in multiple rooms, multiple locations, and via multiple device types — like tablets. Also some clarification on my source and intel. Data validation and reconciliation Derwent Valley Railway Devco Railway Differential Voting Right Digital video recorder Discrete valuation ring Discrete variable representation Distance-vector routing Direct volume rendering Dynamic voltage restoration.

So the AirTVUS Twitter account cited in the guide looks to have been deleted today and the similarly referenced airtv. Covering their tracks ahead of some big reveal, a change in marketing plans, or an outright cancellation? Like I said, decent risk here in terms of ruffling partner feathers and reaching an audience…. I have been able to do this with my Tivo for a while now. Not only I can watch the TV shows I like on my TV, but also in any tablet of phone in the house only local network access is allowed.

I can always download those shows to my tablet if I want to watch them on the go. If anyone remembers the Dish Hopper hoopla. And dish more than likely will not use Air TV in a Wrong way. Some subscribers may not like that Idea.

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